Miniature Schnauzer
   Puppies For Sale

Miniature Schnauzer puppies range from $1,750.00 and up ( plus NY State Sales Tax ). A deposit of $500.00 is required to either choose a specific puppy or to have your name put on a list to be eligible to choose from future litters before their pictures are put up on the website for the general public.  Deposits are non-refundable unless, in the case of a chosen pup, said-puppy becomes unsalable, and there is not another to substitute for it in a reasonable amount of time.  Your deposit, whether to be on the waiting list or for a specific puppy, will be put towards the purchase price.
PAYMENT-  We accept the following methods of payment :
  • Certified check
  • Bank check
  • Money order
  • Cash (US $)
NO credit cards and NO personal checks accepted!
Puppies MUST be picked up by Owner
by weekend following pup's 56th day post-natal...
or subject to $30.00 per diem room & board fee

Miniature Schnauzer Litter!

D.O.B. = June 19, 2012
SOLD!.. A Solid White-coloured
  Male  Mini-Schnauzer
A Solid White-colored
Male Schnauzer... SOLD!

          cartoon of child next to
crib containing 2 expecting dog-parents

Please contact Carol
if interested in a pup.

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Puppy Startup Kit  Check out our
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  Check out our
Puppy Startup Kit

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